Each person that rents a scooter from Island Scoot must sign our Rental Agreement/ Terms & Conditions Form. If   you have a group booking or want to speed things upon arrival, download and complete the form before you arrive & bring it with you. 


Minimum Age - You must be 21 yrs + to hire a scooter/ moped at Island Scoot. 

Essentials - Each driver must bring a current, valid car driver's licence and credit card as a guarantee.

Scooter Driver - The person cited on the rental agreement is the only person permitted to operate the scooter.

Passengers  - No passengers are permitted on our scooters sorry. 

Safety - You must be competent scooter driver to hire from us. We reserve the right to turn people away, if they don't meet basic riding criteria. We take safety seriously!   

Insurance - You have comprehensive insurance when you rent our scooters, providing all safety & rental agreement terms are met. Insurance excess is $1000. Please read our rental agreement thoroughly. Here

Insurance Excess - If damages occur we reserve the right to withdraw between $500-$1000 from your credit card towards repairs. Once damage and costs are established any balance will be returned immediately.

Your Own Insurance - We still require the insurance excess, even if you have your own coverage. If an accident or damages occur we use this deposit to cover costs then provide you with an invoice for your own insurance company. 

Credit Card - When you rent a scooter from us you agree that we have authority to charge your card if there are any additional costs incurred. See our terms and conditions. 

Accidents or Damages - Please call us as soon as you can if you are involved in an accident or incur any roadside damages. 

Ph. + 64 21061 5997



Travel Distance -  Scooters are not permitted to travel past Onetangi Beach, and cannot go to Orapiu, Man o’War Bay or Stony Batter. 

Refuelling - At the end of the day please refuel your scooter with 91 Octane, which is available at the BP in Oneroa (one street over).

Oil - If the red oil light ever appears, something is seriously wrong. The scooter must be stopped immediately and you must call us asap. Failure to do so will result in charges if damage occurs to the scooter motor. 

Safety - Waiheke roads can be busy and windy. Make sure you keep to the left and take care when there is limited visibility ahead. Beware of fast cars that cross the line on corners!

Restricted Areas - Our scooters are not insured for unsealed roads, so it's best to stay off them.  

Flat Tyres or Roadside Difficulty - If you have a flat tyre or any difficulty please call us immediately and we will provide roadside assistance or a replacement scooter. 

Parking - Please park the scooters  on flat stable ground well out of the way of oncoming traffic. Also make sure you are parked a safe distance from other parked vehicles. Scooters can easily tip over if not on stable ground. If you are on a hill make sure the bike is facing up the hill.

Traffic Obligations - Drive lawfully and with common sense! You are responsible for any traffic infringements or offences. You must also be sober when your ride with Island Scoot. If you do go to vineyards or have a drink keep it to a real minimum. Stay safe! 

Beware that if you are over the limit and there is an accident or damage your insurance will be voided. 

In the Unlikely Event of an Accident...

Safety Protocol  - If you are or someone you are with is in an accident. Please pull yourselves and the scooter off the road to a safe place, then call us immediately.

Emergencies - If you or someone you are with is injured, seek help or call 111 for assistance and then call Island Scoot so that we can help too. Ph. + 021 061 5997

Insurance Protocol - Please get the details of anyone involved in an accident. This means collecting names, phone numbers, addresses and a number plate. 

If the accident is not your fault - You are still liable for the insurance excess. 

* To avoid this  - Note down exactly what happened and get as many details as possible... the person involved, number plate, ID, contact details. 


* Find an independent witness - To collaborate your story.  Grab their name and contact details too. 

* Take photos - That collaborate your version of events.

Damage - Unfortunately you are still liable for insurance excess even if someone else damages the scooter while you are renting it. 

* Avoid hassle - By parking safely. But if you do come back to the scooter and someone has knocked it over or banged it, look around for the responsible vehicle. If there are traces of scooter paint on another vehicle, photograph it and take down the number plate. Ask around for any witnesses. Get their name and contact details. Obviously if the person is still around that has caused the damage get their name, contact details and licence plate number.